Raymond Santiago

Raymond Santiago - SPC Alumni Association Jaffna, Toronto, Canada, Ontario. Served as a board of Director in 1987-1988 when the Association was formed. Served as President for 4 years 1990-1992 and 2012-2014. Served in the Committee uninteruppted for over 30 years.

His Qualifications (Obtained from his Facebook Page)

  • MA (Leadership Studies). Graduated 14 June 2011 · Leadership studies · Guelph, Ontario
  • B.A.A. Justice Studies · Justice Studies · Toronto, Ontario

Ray Santiago Suggested the Donation to the Cheif Guest and contributed towards it. He also asked me and another person.  As Mathy opposed the contributions recorded in the financial statement he kept silent to support Mathy. He did not have the guts to support his own suggestion. By doing that he betrayed and backstabbed all the members contributed per his suggestion.

He supported all the dishonest and unconstituional acts of the president. His famous saying was " Do not have to follow the constitution in a Friendly Association".

Even with the Leadership skills & Justice Studies which he claim that he completed he could not use any of the skills to solve the small problem ( as per him) and breached the constitution of the Association.

One of the member posted in the facebook page supporting Jude for something irrelavant to the main issues "Very remarkable Gesture. It's Jude and his committee's initiative with the able guidance of Ray Santiago"