Where is the Association Heading ??????

Where is the Association Heading

Do we need a constitution to run the Association ?

Should the Committee members follow the constitution

Betrayal of Ever Green Patrician

Who suggested the donation for the Chief Guest ??

Why was he silent when this became an issue.  

The Email written by Raymond Santiago to to Gerrard on January 24th 2017

Hello Gerrard,

This is for your eyes only. Regarding the passage for the above, purchasing a ticket from the association's money would set a precedent that will be hard to follow.  The other option is for private sponsor. That is persons from our association absorbing the cost.

I would suggest the following:

You, myself, Mr Anton Philip, Master Xavier and Mr Josph Selvanayagam. Think about it and get back to me.

Best wishes

Ray Santiago

But, now I was made to understand by many members of our Association that this particular member who initiated the alternative suggestion  is in a damage control propaganda claiming and blaming that an appropriate approval was not received from the committee for such donation.  I have few questions to Raymond. With his many years of his experience within the management committees and the procedural protocol gained over a lengthy period with the Association, he should have been more vigilant and advised and ensured prior to making the suggestion that a required approval should have been  obtained before collecting the donation from the contributors.  Why the expected procedure was not followed.  Where in the Constitution of the Association it is mentioned that an approval is needed for receiving donation?  In the past,  it was an  accepted norm and practice where members had donated funds in the form of to bringing  in dancers and other performers for our events by making payments directly to the service providers and subsequently reporting such expenses  as donations.  I wonder whether they obtained prior approval from the committee for donating such expenses?  Why was this so called well experienced member and promoter of the donation  was  silent when two of the committee members raised questioned about the subject donation?


Dishonest President

Dishonest President in 30 Years

Claiming False Donations, Not Paying the Money he owes, Overcharging the Association.

Dishonest Acts by the President      

Raffle Prize at SPC Gala

Claimed Donation of $1000 in the Financial Report. Expenses were shown as paid to “Travel Agent”. The travel agent was not paid, because the winner did not claim the prize yet. The money he claimed as donation was not deposited to the Association’s account.  When no transactions have occurred, how could he show that in the past financial report.  That leaves the responsibility to pay the travel agent on the Association. He should have deposited the money to the Account. So far he has not done that (I am not aware whether he deposited the money after my face book post). Also what is the First Prize winner getting if he did not use the discount voucher?  The committee should soon give at least half or the full amount to the winner if he decides not to use the voucher from the donation the president supposedly deposited.

SPC Gala Billing

The President handling catering for the SPC Gala was a conflict of interest. The committee was told That Hilton Hotel is handling everything except the midnight snack. But the final invoice for the entire event was submitted by JC’s Banquet & Catering, the President’s own company. Where are the invoices from The Hotel or the Backdrop Company?

I was given the assignment for table arrangements. We had a total of 400 guests including volunteers.  I spoke to the president and he agreed to put 42 tables and charge for 400 because I told him not all the tables will have 10 people (some had 8 and some 9). On the day of the event around noon, the President called me and said he has 20 more guests, so his own guest count would total 70. I told him I cannot change table arrangements because everything has been finalized, so he could add 2 tables and make that 43 & 44. He only paid for 60 guests instead of 70, yet he invoiced SPC for the extra 20 guests. He invoiced for 420 people. President, where is that $700? Can you be honest and pay back the $700 to the Association?

He also charged the Association $2400 for a midnight snack.  He charged for 400 people @ $6 per head. If you ask any caterers, they will not charge for 400 people. If you have 400 people, they will charge for 200-250 people for midnight snack. He is very aware that half of the people would have left early.

HST Collection

The Committee is responsible to register and file for HST with Revenue Canada when the revenue for 12 months exceeds $50,000.  It’s been 6 months and the committee has not taken any action to proceed with that. Hope you all do it soon.  Also you should remit the HST to Revenue Canada.

Financial Report

The President & Secretary did not allow the Treasurer to read the Financial Report and discuss it. They distributed the report not signed by the president & the Treasurer and approved it at the AGM which did not have quorum. So the approval  is not valid. It should be approved by the General members with quorum.


Fund Raising for Tech Centre

Technology Centre Building at College

SPC needs to be competitive and above par with Govt. Schools to attain highest level of recognition in education and to attract & retain good students.

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                                                 SPC is a private institution, This project needs to be funded privately.


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